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Do you sketch faster?

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This page demonstrates my statement that an application (painted / sketched) takes about the same time compared to the creation of a prototype. It also shows up, that you only have a paper prototype after painting or sketching. Whereas with my method you not only get a click dummy but rather a really testable prototype. Further you will see a potential cost saving, that will not be minor savings only if you develop a prototype.

Action painting (german):

Now you only have a paper prototype like this:


The requires time for the paper prototype took about 8 minutes and 44 seconds.

In the following video you will see the time used to create a prototype by a 'computerized' painting / sketching method:

Removing the times for the unnecessary application restarts and the configuration of an ODBC data source, the real time for a runnable prototype is shorter than the painting action measured above. Also you must consider the time for the CPU power consumed by the screen capturing software.

After you have seen how long it takes to create this small application as a prototype, I will show you with three videos the creation of the same (technically) application in C#.

Part 1 (Creating the database tables):

Part 2:

Part 3:

The videos are uncut but splitted to fit into 10 minute clips and show that with my method to use UML and an application that undestands the UML model only takes 0.63th (including the paper prototype for both) the time. Calculate your savings.

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