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How do you create a database application?

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< An Idea

Your customer as ordered you to create a database application and you create a first concept for the application wished. The concept is based on handwritten notes you have created in a first meeting. It may look like the following picture or a nice presentation:

A first implementation will not be done in less than a week.

How would it be, if you could present a running application shortly after the meeting or on the same day onsite?

Is that possible?


  One possible result >
A DevExpress targeted code generator
     You can see a larger image in the blog post: New experiences with code generation
lbDMF Manager as a generated application...
DevExpress Codegeneration in action >
DevExpress report creation >

You will still use handwritten notes, but additionally a tool that helps you create a first logical design. That design is similar to an ER diagram and will be the definition of the database schema the application later will use anyhow. But up to now this doesn't count yet.

In the actual version our application supports a UML editor who is used to create a design onsite to let you discuss the design with your customer. With that logical design the customer would be able to spot some wrong parts. You immediately could correct that. You could present a running application while the meeting is going on.

A time comparsion of the traditional coding method with UML and code generation shows remarkable differences: Look here.

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